• Distance: 5.7 km (11.4 km return)
  • Time: 1 hour 30 min ( 3 hours return)
  • Difficulty: Moderate


  • Access to Lake Superior at Sawyer Bay
  • Biking is permitted on this trail


The Sawyer Bay Trail is a wide well maintained linear trail that spans most of the southern tip of the Sibley Peninsula. It provides access to Sawyer Bay on Lake Superior, where a handful of excellent backcountry campsites are set up, as well as Talus Lake Trail and the Head Trail. Sawyer Bay trail follows an abandoned logging road over several hills which are high enough in elevation to offer glimpses of the distant cliffs of the Sleeping Giant. Biking is allowed on this trail and it’s also a favourite for trail runners. In the winter months, this trail is great for snowshoeing although you should double or even triple the time needed to complete it depending on snow conditions.

Start this trail at the East Sawyer Bay Trail Junction off the Kabeyun Trail, a mere 400 m from the South Kabeyun Trailhead, and hike until you reach the shores of Sawyer Bay where you can admire Lake Superior, have a picnic, or even set up to camp for the night before returning the same way you came.


There are two trailheads that provide access to Sawyer Bay Trail by car: the South Kabeyun Trailhead parking lot off Highway 587 and the Sawbill Lake Trail off Marie Louise Lake Drive.

Note that from the South Kabeyun Trailhead Parking Lot, you’ll have to hike 400 m on the Kabeyun Trail to reach the Sawyer Bay Trail turnoff. If you come from Marie Louise Lake Drive, you’ll have to hike the 2 km Sawbill Lake Trail before you intersect the Sawyer Bay Trail.

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