Moderate Trail Difficulty / Trail Description

Piney Wood Hills Nature Trail


  • Distance: 1.4 km (2.8 km return)
  • Time: 30 minutes (1 hour return)
  • Difficulty: Moderate


  • Beautiful old growth pine trees


This short out-and-back trail follows rolling topography to an outcrop overlooking Joeboy Lake. As the name suggests, there are some beautiful and impressively large red and white pines along the way. This trail makes for a perfect short day hike.


The Piney Woods Hill Nature Trail trailhead is located off the Thunder Bay Lookout Road, only 1 km from the Highway 587 turnoff. There is a small parking area off the shoulder of the Thunder Bay lookout road at the trailhead.

Nuggets of knowledge:

  • Some of the large pine trees you see along this trail are estimated to be over 200 years old! Their seeds would have germinated after the last major fire event on the Sibley Peninsula which occurred prior to 1810.

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