• Total Distance: 37 km (linear)
  • Total Time: 2 – 4 days
  • Overall Difficulty: Difficult


  • Hiking along the rugged shoreline of Lake Superior and below the towering cliffs of the Sleeping Giant
  • Access to some of the most remote parts of the park
  • Biking is permitted on portions of this trail


The Kabeyun Trail is a linear trail that forms the backbone of the interior trail network at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. It is the longest trail of the park and also the most varied. While some people thru-hike the entire thing, most only hike portions of it. Depending on which section you hike, it can vary widely in character and difficulty level. Each of the following sections of the trail are described in detail in their own posts:


The Kabeyun Trail can be accessed directly through two trailheads: the North Kabeyun Trailhead and the popular South Kabeyun Trailhead Parking Lot. There is parking at both trailheads. The North trailhead is located at the very end of Thunder Bay Lookout Road, and the South trailhead is located off Highway 587.

Nuggets of knowledge

  • The best time to thru-hike the full Kabeyun Trail is in late July and August when it’s more likely that the park’s trail crew have had the chance to clear deadfall and brush.
  • For thru-hiking, it’s easier to go from North to South. This way, you’ll have an overall elevation loss and end with the easiest part of the trail.
  • If you’re thru-hiking the trail and need to cut your trip short around the halfway point, hiking out on the Sawyer Bay Trail is the fastest way to get back to a trailhead.

Stay Safe!

  • This is one of the most remote trails in the park. Be prepared to be completely self sufficient before you head out, especially from the North Trailhead. Remember to share your plans with someone.

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