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Getting married on the giant

Hey! I’m Curniss. The author behind Hike the Giant.

I’ve hiked up the giant a lot since I was first introduced to the park back in 2007, but my most memorable hike was definitely the one I did to get married. This involved hiking 8.1 km (16.2 km return), including over 300 m of vertical ascent, with my hair and makeup done, to have a wedding ceremony in one of my favourite places on the planet three years ago today.

My most memorable hike was definitely the one I did to get married.


While my now-husband, who is even more obsessed with the sleeping giant than I am, was thrilled with the idea, the trick was to find a photographer/videographer who would also be excited to hike 16.2 km with all their gear on a hot summer day, an officiant who wouldn’t charge us an exorbitant fee, and a few friends willing to help carry a thing or two (change of clothes, a cooler bag for my bouquet, and a reception picnic). Somehow we managed it all and it was incredible.

I met Chris when I first came to Thunder Bay for work in 2007. Wanting to make a good impression and convince me to stay, Chris went out of his way to show me what Thunder Bay did have going for it: the outdoors. He took me sailing, swimming, cliff jumping, rock climbing and, of course, for a backcountry camping trip at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. I think it’s fair to say that I fell in love with him and the giant that summer.

While I didn’t know it at the time, that first trip was the first of many backcountry camping and hiking trips Chris and I would go on at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park – including hiking up the head to get married on the cliffs of the giant overlooking Lake Superior.

We would love to know, what makes the sleeping giant special to you? Leave a comment below!

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